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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

My Fur Babies

Those of you know me, know I love my dogs! Sometimes my kids think I love my dogs more than I love them. Now, this is not true but sometimes I can see why they'd think that. LOL! Just kidding. :) One time I had to put my dog on a diet because I gave him too many treats. And other thinks she should sit up to the table when we sit down for a family meal. If all the chairs are taken, she just shares with someone.

So a little bit about my dogs: They are Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. Teddy (the white one) is older, about 11 years old. Lola (the black one) is only about 2 years old. I have to say, I think CKCS are the best dogs EVER! Erik, my husband, and I were looking into getting a dog when my dog started to get really old. We looked at just about every species imaginable. Erik really liked the Miniature Schnauzer. For some reason I didn't want one. But we kept going back to the Cavaliers. I wanted one so bad. So Erik broke down and we got Teddy. Best choice we could have ever made! When he was about 4, he was diagnosed with Addison's Disease. It has sometimes been a pain to deal with but we just mostly adore him and wouldn't trade him for anything. Since he's getting up there in years. Two years ago we decided to get Lola. She was supposed to be my present for graduating from college but I didn't want to wait. She is such a hoot! I don't know how we could have lived without her! :)

My dogs are a hoot and I pretty much laugh at them all day long. So without further adieu, here are Teddy (the white one) and Lola (the black one)

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