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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Using what I have

I am trying desperately to get this room just so. I have cleaned rooms before and it has taken me a lot less time but this time I want to make sure everything is in the right place. I will post a video once I have the whole thing done. It's not the fantastic and awesome place like some others have but it's mine and I love it.

As I put things away I was noticing I don't have things to put my pictures or momentos in so I figured I would try to find something. I looked at Target, Michael's, WalMart and Ikea. I couldn't find anything that was the right size. Then I had an even BETTER idea. I would cut down a card board box. There were many reason I like this idea: I got the perfect size bin for my belonging, I got to use up the paper that I probably wouldn't use for anything else, the price was PERFECT and I got to be creative (my favorite part!).

Normally I'm uber into matching everything but I wanted to use paper I already had that I haven't used in years. I like the paper but I didn't really have anything to use it on anymore.

I started with a bigger box. It turned out pretty cute. I am quite pleased with how it turned out. You can't see here but I covered all 4 sides. I had to cut this one down in the middle to make it fit just right. It was kind of fun to dissect a box and make it fit my space perfectly.

Then I moved on to a smaller one. I didn't have another box big enough for my space. I figured I would just make the smaller one work rather than trying to cut one up and add to it to make it bigger. This one turned out better for some reason. I did actually score the sides so it has crisper edges and things I learned on the other box I could use on this box. Again, it doesn't match of the first box but I love it! ;) Here are some pictures:

And here is what it looks like all finished. Like I said, it's not exactly what I would have put there if I would have spent money but there is a feel good feeling about using what I have and making free storage solutions.

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